Be Our Valentine

If the last year taught us anything, it's that the world could use a little- ok A LOT- more love. That's why we're taking full advantage of Valentine's Day to celebrate our sweethearts. Even little gestures go a long ways, and if you're not quite sure what direction to head in, let us guide you! We've created a collection of gifts for every woman in your life whether it's the Super Mom in your life, the wine-loving co-worker, or that crazy dog lady whose list of likable humans you've landed on. These gifts are perfect for the platonic and the romantic relationships alike, and will make this Hallmark holiday and heck of a lot less stressful for you if you're feeling the pressure to come through with the perfect little something this year. 

The Super Mom

First thing's first, let's give it up to the moms out there! Your mom, your kids' mom, or even your mother in law will rejoice when she opens this assortment of souvenirs for the Super Mom. 

Super Mom Gift Box

Sober Dough Bread comes through at crunch time when the day's slipped away in a flash of dirty diapers, carpool duty and total chaos. Just add beer or club soda for an easy side dish, snack or even breakfast on the go! Anything to make moms' lives easier. The Aromatherapy locket releases your favorite essential oil scent throughout the day for much-needed relaxation or rejuvenation disguised as a classic accessory. Speaking of pick-me-ups, the Q Sciences B12 spray delivers a little boost of energy as needed, up to eight times a day. We're speaking her language when we tell you it's a quick and convenient way to battle fatigue throughout the day. One more way to make her life easier? A car holder coaster! Get rid of that mystery goo that undoubtedly finds its way into the least convenient spot to clean in the car. Your spare change can rest easy and clean with a car coaster. 

The Wine Lover

We all know one: the sauvignon-blanc sipper, the Cabernet connoisseur, the one with strict white-wine-only policy. The bottom line? They love wine! Gifts for the wine lover

I've admittedly googled 'Gifts for wine lovers' one too many times because I am surrounded by them, but don't partake and I know some of you can relate to this. It's like a foreign language and alien territory to try to pick out the perfect gift. Well, look no further; these goods will have them buzzing (in more ways than one.) First off, the resealing wine tops are non-negotiable. Keep their precious pinot fresh after opening, lay it on its side without spilling and fit it in the fridge door! More room for wine! Keep things fresh in another way with the Wine-a-Rita packs that transform their favorite vino into a margarita flavored frozen beverage, or the Luxe Sugar Cubes that dissolve into their drink for an instant wine cocktail. If all else fails, keep it simple with a wine tote and a 'Well Deserved' glass that suits her to a tee. 

The Dog Lover

 Do you know someone that prefers four-legs and fur all over to actual human beings? Guilty as charged! For some of us, our pets are our people; they're the sun and the stars and the whole universe. It's their world and we're just living in it. The good news for these girls is that they're pretty simple to shop for. Get her this gift basket and you'll be receiving the gold star for best boy (or girl). Gifts for the dog lover

The Toys & Treats tote is perfect to fill with supplies like our fleece lined gloves and emergency scrunchies for those morning walks or afternoon fetch sessions. A mug that reads "Sometimes I think my dog is saying 'Get your shit together'" will no doubt illicit a chuckle from an owner who has certainly felt judged a time or two by their furry friend. Take my word for it, gifts that show that you know how important their four-legged best friends are to them will warm the hearts of any pup parent. 

The Great Outdoors Lover 

Ok, so we may have just described the entire population of Colorado, but can you blame them? We are so lucky to live in, pardon our bias, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STATE IN THE COUNTRY! Given that she's spending her time outside, it's most likely not in a sedentary state either. These ladies love to hike, bike, ski and anything they can participate in that gets them moving out under the Colorado sky. They're adventurous to say the least and always working to be their best selves.

Gifts for the great outdoor lover

So what do you get the girl who has more interest in trail maps than trinkets? May we suggest a few things to keep her comfortable on her crusades, like a color changing cap or a beanie that can accommodate her pony tail? Speaking of pony tails, she certainly has her fair share of them, but why not give her the latest in hair tie technology like our hair coils! Ok, now that we've (literally) covered her head and hair, what about the rest of her body? Our hooded Lolë puffer jackets are lightweight, water repellant and can fold down to be carried in a pack or carry pouch. We don't know about you, but if you've ever hiked an infamous fourteener, then you know how quickly the weather can change making this packable jacket basically quintessential equipment. Keep her hydrated with a swig water bottle perfect for hot and cold drinks, and a Q Sciences- Q Sport energy pouch adds a boost of natural caffeine and nutrients to keep her pushing through even the most extreme exercises. A car coaster featuring her favorite catchphrase is the cherry on top of this sugar-free, organic and locally made cake. ;)


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